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With her gurus Sunil Sharma and Kamal Singh at Tattvaa Yogashala, Rishikesh, India

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Melissa Major

Melissa (The Major) found a deep passion for moving her body about a decade ago and has been in motion ever since. She is an avid aerialist (silks and sometimes rope), runner, cyclist, swimmer and has been a practitioner of capoeira, TRX, pilates, bootcamp, kettle bells, and most prominently, yoga. Finally, she decided she needed to bring her passion to the masses. She received her advanced 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certificate at the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yogashala in Rishikesh, India. She has taught a wide variety of yoga and fitness classes at Fireflow Yoga, 99 Sudbury, Studio Blue, The Yoga Lounge, Aiyoku, CSI, Collective Studio, Republic, Twist Gallery, Urbancore, and has developed a yoga program where she has taught yoga to teachers and students in the Toronto District School Board. Her other passion and parallel career path is as a theatre and dance creator, running the indie company The Cheshire Unicorn Theatre Co. Melissa's goal as a yoga and fitness teacher is to bring a big smile to the practice and challenge students to reach their maximum potential within a solid framework of technique comprehension and safety.


Teaching yoga at Chic Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

"Melissa is a superb yoga instructor. Her strong commitment to yoga and knowledge of tradition shine through immediately. Throughout the class, she combines concise explanations with intuitive adjustments, which has greatly enhanced my own personal practice. With a fun energy and engaging manner, she also makes challenging asanas possible - yet creates a calm and relaxing space. In my experience, it's rare to get all of these qualities in one teacher. I highly recommend her classes."  ~ Melissa Benner

"Melissa is a gentle and generous instructor. She is patient and positive, and makes everyone in her class feel comfortable, wherever they are on their physical journey. Melissa knows how to meet the needs of all of the learners in her class, and is able to support her students with ease. Melissa is deeply committed to learning, as well as teaching, and her enthusiasm for growth and possibility is contagious! I also appreciate that Melissa respectfully acknowledges the historical and cultural origins of her practice."  ~ Velvet Lacasse

"Melissa has a teaching style that makes you feel extremely comfortable, right from the moment her class begins. Whether you are a beginning or experienced yogi, her relaxed, knowledgeable and playful personality gives you a wonderful yoga class every time. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone! She also gives a short yoga massage at the end of class, that really seals in your practice, and leaves you feeling incredibly relaxed and soothed."  ~ Jordann Zaza

"While browsing the Yoga Community Toronto Facebook page I came across Melissa Major's section announcing her Led Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. It was being offered at an accessible space, at a time of day (early evening) when I like to practice and her fee was reasonable. I was not disappointed that I made the effort to seek out her class. Mellissa has recently studied with Kamal Singh at the Tattvaa Yoga Shala in Rishikesh India. Her training had served her well. She was thorough in the practice and was available to highlight the aspects that I wanted to deepen. She was ardent in the names and pronunciations of each of the poses. She was patient but thorough in her teaching but mainly it was her adjustments which I most appreciated. Melissa has a healing touch and an ability to ease you into poses you thought inaccessible. Melissa has learnt well and is generous in sharing her knowledge. I was very grateful for the encounter. Namaste."  - Margaret Lamarre

With Kino McGregor in Toronto, Canada