Serenity Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Contrary to popular belief in the western world, yoga is not simply a form of exercise or stretching. Thousands of years ago in India, it was developed as a way of life. Serenity Yoga and Meditation Retreats offer you the opportunity to experience that way of living and soak up the many advantages yoga can bring to your life. All people are welcome on our retreats, from those who are completely new to yoga, to those with years of experience.

It’s so important for us to take this recharge time that isn’t just “zoning out” with the TV (which is distraction, not relaxation). Actual self-dedication, actual relaxation leads to fulfilling rejuvenation, so that we can approach life from a calmer, more grounded and focused place. With this mental calm, our interactions with people are more meaningful, thoughtful and less reactionary. And yet dedicated self-renewal time is the first thing to drop from our busy schedules. By holding day retreats on a regular basis, in an easily-accessible place, we are building a community and network of yoga-inspired people to connect with, in a safe and respectful place where we come to practice, recharge and be part of the movement for personal growth.

Join us for one of our scheduled retreats or book your own with co-workers, friends, family, or teams.